Aware Care: Compassionate Outreach for Cancer Patients

May 27, 2024 | Community Service | 0 comments

For Sri Lankan families, cancer is a weight that they carry around everywhere, each day. It has taken over the country as a phenomenon that is felt from one end to the other in a wide spectrum of areas almost everywhere. From Colombo’s busy streets to the peaceful rural areas, the harmful battle of cancer treads like a footmark behind people of various ages, status of life, and job discrepancies. Each diagnosis brings a whirlwind of emotions: where families hear knocks on the door, parents are torn apart from their children, and families know that the problem is on the doorstep. However, these endeavors assume the role of useful tools that are not only meant to giveknowledge but also offer sympathy and hope to those who have decided to dominate the situation against all odds. 

The awareness campaign, the initiative “Aware Care”, by team “Team Tigers”, consisting of the overlooking Executive Board members (Rtr. Sathmi Dinanja -Editor of the Club, Rtr. G. Rishma Deen) and the Assistant Directors (Rtr. Sanuri Reshma, Rtr. Nelani Gunawardana, Rtr. Thamudi Imalka, Rtr. MahimaAlawaththanna, Rtr. Sachini Ukwatta) of the Rotaract Club of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, stand as beacons of hope and solidarity. Underpinning the aim is the idea of bridging the gap between awareness and action, this time by creating clear paths to understanding and advocacy in the field of cancer. To fight indifference and meet people in common, is about multiplying the human links, and to do more than creating awareness of cancer sufferers in Sri Lanka and the world, it is also about providing concrete assistance and comfort to cancer patients. 

“Aware Care” began by presenting the most crucial event, that is, the “Cancer Awareness” webinar by Dr. Kavishka Heshan Gamage, which took place at Zoom online platform on 18thFebruary 2024. This webinar sparked a chain of breakthroughs and eliminated the Action barriers that earlier acted as a light to spread knowledge and empathy in the battle against cancer. Attendees were not only familiar, with but also mobilized, thanks to the fusion of thoughtful discussions, reality-based myths correctness, and audience engagement which helped them comprehend and handle the intricacies that are associated with cancer. Whether it is through adopting prevention tactics or learning how to survive when lost in the wild, the webinar has made it possible to initiate change far from the physical borders and result in a community being informed. 

Using the educational and awareness stage of the “Aware Care campaign, the practical stage, Phase 02 of the “Aware Care” project is subsequently emphasized was centered on organizing and collecting the essential supplies for cancer patients. The cause proceeded with the immense contributions of donors who were the building blocks.  The campaign offered necessities to motivate the course. Ushering in visitations that relieved the patients’ sense of duty and bond would make them feel connected.  Mark the last day, on 4th May 2024, the reward of this community endeavor was evident on the faces of the patients, women, men, and children that the Apeksha National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka and the Norman Weerasooria Memorial Shelter (NWMS), which is respectfully known as the latter, served. 

National Cancer Institute, Sri Lanka, Maharagama, granted the privilege for the patients with disease, to stand and its operation aid such people to excel with the care and support required during tough recovery. Whether they were the vitamins thatcame to be the main source of nutrition or every single thing that was in the category of personal care items, every single good deed acted as the beacon of light that the patients and their family members were enlightened with which consistently led them to hope for more and accept their conditions. 

Similar to this, the contributions made to the Norman Weerasooria Memorial Shelter (NWMS) were able to bring relief to the patients who were in remission and had been through cancer treatments and no doubt many other associated negative effects. The “Aware Care” initiative of our healthcare organization focusing on compassion as one of its core values brought the family members and patients of cancer past hospital walls and let them understand the various challenges that they are facing through the narrow treatment. 

It was a clear announcement of the ultimate goal of this venture; every donation tracked and delivered to its destination is a testimony of the strong attributes and noble heart behind this project that will never be forgotten. The finding that the community has knowledge of cancer problems but might not be prepared to act makes the initiative not only raise the subject butin addition, promote the role of kind and compassion. 

It is based among others on the “Aware care” mission and in this process, the doctor and his team show how cooperation can lead to positive outcomes and always the role that empathy takes in world-changing. The social responsibility of such a volunteer-led platform is no small task as it continues to foster a spread of knowledge, social-emotional support, and community.  And, in doing so, it paves the way for a brighter tomorrow for all those afflicted with cancer in Sri Lanka and around the world.

Written by: Rtr. Thamudi Imalka

Graphic design by: Rtr. Mahima Yasas


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