Choose your circle wisely – Nurturing healthy relationships

May 31, 2024 | Backstage | 0 comments

For an emotionally balanced mindset and a life that is healthy and joyous, meaningful relationships are essential. Be it a friendship, romantic relationship, or simply companionship, the quality of the bond is important, as a toxic bond will leave everlasting wounds. In a healthy relationship, you will…

  • Feel effortless being in it and never feel competitive.
  • Always feel appreciated.
  • See their actions and words aligning themselves.
  • Never feel drained or full of self-doubt.
  • Feel heard, validated, understood, and accepted for who you are.
  • See mutual respect from each other.
  • Experience trustworthiness.
  • Never be judged for your weaknesses or mistakes.
  • Never have your insecurities triggered by them.
  • Feel safe to be vulnerable with them, to be sensitive around them.
  • Be able to communicate honestly even during the hardest times.
  • Be encouraged to feel, heal, and grow.
  • See listening going both ways.
  • Always make efforts to spend quality time with you.
  • Feel comfortable sharing your stories with them.
  • Be celebrated for both your big and small achievements. 
  • Always learn good things to grow as a person.
  • Be educated with new things without feeling any less.
  • Be able to maintain healthy boundaries.
  • See your boundaries being respected.
  • Be understood during your antisocial phases.
  • Have time and space whenever you need.
  • See them apologizing and making things better if you ever get hurt by their words or actions.
  • Be supportive of all your dreams, passions, and interests.
  • Never feel controlled, belittled, or discouraged.
  • Never see them being sarcastic about things you get excited about.
  • Never feel left out. 
  • Be cared for.
  • Find a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold when walking along difficult paths.
  • Always be uplifted, and find hope to hold onto in the darkest moments.
  • Always find the world worth living in.

Because sometimes, it’s you and your inner circle against the cruel world!

Written by: Rtr. Gayanjalee de Silva


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