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Jun 3, 2022 | Club Service, Membership Development | 1 comment

If you ask a bunch of Rotaractors, what ‘Rotaract’ actually is, all of them might give you answers which will differ from each other.

Some might answer you in one word while some might explain you about the Rotaract movement as a whole. Amidst these answers and explanations, you will undoubtedly have hundreds of questions that will pop up in your head.

In order to answer all these questions and concerns regarding Rotaract, the Club Service Avenue in collaboration with the Membership Development Committee of the Rotaract Club of University of Jayewardenepura, brought life to the project “I’m a Rotaractor” for the final quarter of the year.

With the main purpose of enlightening young undergraduates who are willing to become better versions of themselves whilst being enthusiastic volunteers, a physical orientation program was organized on 27th of February 2022. This physical orientation program attracted many undergraduates from all the seven faculties in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, who actively participated in the sessions organized on behalf of them.

The fun activities and games that indirectly implied the true meaning behind Rotaract were some of the extra-ordinary items on that special day. The agenda not only permitted fun activities but also sessions regarding the purpose of the movement including speeches from our past presidents and secretaries of the club, especially the esteemed presence of the Club Service Joint Director for the year 2021-22, of the District Steering Committee of the RID 3220; Rtr. IPP. Anju Cheran.

Each and every participant were more than satisfied with the orientation session  leaving the organizing committee a whole lot of positive feedback and memories to be glued to the book of memories of the Rotaract journey. 

Proceeding under the main theme “Rotaract”, the project “I’m a Rotaractor” for the final quarter had separate virtual orientation programs pertaining to several other subtopics discussed by top personalities who succeeded their lives through Rotaract in every way possible.

Purpose, Community, Inclusivity and Exposure were the topics that were discussed going along the definition of the Rotaract movement, as to why it was established and the true purpose of it.

All the undergraduates of five faculties of the university namely, the Allied Health Sciences, Medical Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Applied Sciences and Management Studies and Commerce were given this magnificent opportunity to have a glimpse into this prestigious youth-led movement that values service above self.

The online orientation programs was honored by a number of Rotaractors who have shaped themselves into great personalities by aligning their lives with Rotaract. The District Rotaract Representative for the year 2021-22, Rtn. Rtr. PP Akhila Wijetunga, the District Rotaract Representative Nominee for the year 2021-22 Rtr. PP Sathma Jayasinghe, the Rotaract District Secretary for the year 2021-22 Rtr. IPP Thisura Ramanayake, Rotaract District Assistant Secretary for the year 2021-22.  

Rtr. Nishika Silva, Joint Director – Regional Engagement of the Rotaract District Steering Committee for the year 2021-22, Rtr. IPP Ishini Herath  and our very own Rotaractors representing the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura; Rtn. Rtr. Vidushith Jayasundara; president for the year 2019-20 , Rtr. Oshani Singapuliarachchi; president for the year 2018-19, Rtr. Dulani Bandulahewa; Secretary for the year 2019-20 and Rtn. Rtr. Amasha Sirimanna; Immediate Past President along with the Immediate Past Secretary of the club Rtr. Zaina Sallay,  Sergeant-at-arms for the year 2021-22 Rtr. Bhagya Ranasinghe were the experienced guest speakers who were invited to share their invaluable experiences in Rotaract with us.

Breaking the estimated records of participation for these virtual orientation programs, undergraduates were keen enough to reach out to clarify their questions and concerns regarding Rotaract and mainly on the topic of how to manage studies while involved in the movement, which got straightforward answers with clear explanations from our guest speakers.

Thus, the project I’m a Rotaractor was another successful project carried out by the Rotaract Club of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura with the aim of providing a perfect platform to all undergraduates in order to mold a great personality for themselves.

Written by: Rtr. Gagani Gunasinghe

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