“A workplace filled with and driven by employees with positive attitudes vibrates continually to the tune of service excellence and passionate team success.”

-Ty Howard

Strive 2.0 is a project organized by the Professional Development Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The project commenced on December 14, 2022, for the second consecutive year. As undergraduates, it’s very important to be aware of workplace relationships and how to become successful and effective employees. Making this thought the very base, Strive 2.0 was organized. This project can be identified as a huge opportunity for all undergraduates as well as graduates to strive to make the best of themselves.

The project was carried out in four phases, including physical and online sessions. In the first phase, an interview was conducted with Mr. Rohan Pallewatta, the Executive Chairman at Lanka Harness Co. (Pvt) Ltd. under the topic “How to become a better employee?” and the interview provided better solutions for many problems that occur in the workplace for employees. Additionally, he shared insights on the qualities of a better employee, strategies for handling difficult workplace situations, and ways to navigate professional competition during the interview. We shared this video on our official YouTube channel, allowing everyone to learn about how to become a successful employee in the cooperative world.

In the second phase of the project, an awareness program was carried out about the Gen concept, which is very useful when working with different generations in the workplace, primarily Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z. The session was conducted by Mr. Chathura Ganegoda, Head of Customer Development Excellence at Unilever Sri Lanka, and was held at the New Faculty Complex (NFC) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The session was very successful because the participants were able to learn about effective methods to bridge the generation gap in the workplace. Furthermore, a PR campaign was conducted under the theme of the Gen Concept. The campaign provided information on the different characteristics of each generation and how to effectively engage with them.

The third phase of this project was a physical session conducted under the topic “Growth Mindset: The Secret of a Graduate as an Effective Employee,” led by Mr. J.V. Weragoda, Manager of Training and Development at Lanka Tiles PLC. This session covered different topics such as the characteristics of an effective employee, strategies to become a successful employee, barriers to success, cultivating a growth mindset, and developing leadership skills. The session was very beneficial for fresh graduates who are willing to adapt to a new workplace environment and effectively apply theoretical knowledge in practical work situations.

The final phase of Strive 2.0 was an online webinar conducted under the topic “Effective Methods of Managing Workplace Relationships”. This webinar was led by Mr. Prabhash Jayasekara, Manager of Human Resources at Hayleys Eco Solutions Company and a member of the Association of HR Professionals-Sri Lanka. The participants were able to enhance their knowledge of maintaining a balance of justice and equality in workplace relationships. The guest speaker provided clear and insightful discussions on workplace conflict, conflict resolution, and positive work culture.

Finally, we are pleased to say that we have successfully and effectively concluded our project. Our project not only focused on undergraduates but also on all graduates and employees in workplaces. The project concluded on a high note making it a very useful and fruitful platform for every person who wished and is already a part of the professional world to develop effective skills as employees or employers.

Written by: Rtr. Nethmi Sasangika

Graphic design by: Rtr. Damindu Lakshan


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