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“Splendour” is the Annual Award Ceremony organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura to recognize the outstanding contributions of its members throughout the year. This event provides a platform to recognize and reward exceptional performance, leadership, and community involvement. Splendour serves as a testament to the club’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering personal growth, and encouraging a spirit of service.

This year the awards ceremony was held under the title “Splendour’23” on 7 May 2023 from 6:00 PM onwards at Lounge 42, DHPL Building, Colombo 02, physically for the first time after 3 years of conducting the ceremony virtually. The event was attended by club members, past club presidents, the Guide Club Coordinator for the RI year 2022-23, and well-wishers who all eagerly awaited a night of recognition and celebration. The stage was set to honour those who have made a significant impact at the club and beyond.

The award ceremony began with an uplifting speech by the club president Rtr. Madushan Dananjaya following the Rotaract formalities and lighting the digital oil lamp. The Appreciations began with Rtr. Malithi Fernando, the Editor of the Club for the year 2022-23, recognizing and thanking the efforts of the Editorial Squad of RACUSJ for the year 2022-23 and the past editors. Then Rtr. Anjula Udishan, the Treasurer of the Club for the year 2022-23 appreciated the Assistant Directors for the year and Rtr. Supun Ransila, the Vice president of the club for the year 2022-23 appreciated the Board of Directors for the term recognizing their efforts and dedication.

It also recognized the Avenues of the Quarters and Rotarators who were selected as Rotarator of the Month throughout the year. Rtn. Rtr. PP Lafraan Lahir, Guide Club Coordinator for the year 2022-23, Rtr. PP Amasha Sirimanna, President of the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura for the year 2020-21, Rtr. Zaina Sallay, Secretary of the club for the year 2020-21, Rtr. PP Praneeth Madusanka, Vice President of the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura for the year 2019-20 and the Joint Director of Public Relations in RID 3220 for the year 2022-23, addressed the gathering on various occasions emphasizing the journey of RACUSJ for 12 years and its commitment to service to the community.

Awarding the awardees of the award categories then began, covering a wide range of achievements, ensuring recognition and appreciation of various aspects of the club’s activities. Let’s explore the categories and the deserving winners who shined on this remarkable evening:

Best Member of the Avenue:

Direction for the award: “An Encouraging, Cheerful Personality Among Members Who Showed Immense Effort Towards Projects Initiated By Respective Avenue/ Committee. And A Representative Figure Of The Avenue/Committee, Who Has Offered Great Contribution To Maintain The Bond With Other Avenues Will Be Awarded As The Best Member Of The Avenue.

Club Service Avenue– Rtr. Raini Charuka

Community Service Avenue – Rtr. Isuri Ama

International Service Avenue – Rtr. Nilakshi Nethmini

Professional Development Avenue – Rtr. Chathuni Edirisinghe

Finance Committee – Rtr. Rishma Deen

Environmental Service Avenue – Rtr. Eeshani

Membership Development Committee – Rtr. Shashika Maduhansi

Public Relations Committee – Rtr. Hawwa Ahamed

Sports and Recreational Activities Avenue – Rtr. Rashmi Niyangoda

Most Outstanding Project of the Avenue:

Direction for the award: “The project which clearly understands and interprets the aspects of the avenue and gives maximum opportunities to their members to showcase their skills, and the most sustainable project which made an impact to the society will be awarded as the Most Outstanding project of the avenue.

Club Service Avenue – Ceylon Comic Fest

Community Service Avenue – Diviyata Diviyak 2.0

International Service Avenue – Health A Plenty 2.0

Professional Development Avenue – Scholastic Coach 2.0

Finance Committee – Finsight

Environmental Service Avenue – Aquatica wave 3

Membership Development Committee – Splendour’23

Public Relations Committee – Someone’s Daughter Volume 5

Sports and Recreational Activities Avenue – Triunfo

Most Outstanding Project of the Year:

Direction for the award: “Most Outstanding Project of the Year will be recognized based on the project’s focus on the beneficiaries while considering the involvement of the Rotary focus areas and SDGs, the project’s impact on the society as well as the sustenance of the project. The engagement and involvement of club members, other club members and other organizations will be considered.

Ceylon Comic Fest

Most Interactive Organizing Committee:

Direction for the award: “The Organizing Committee In This Award Category Should Have Committed To The Project Very Actively By Giving Their Best To Achieve The Objective Of The Project. This Organizing Committee Which Showed The Team Spirit Within Them, Good Communication, and A Clear Direction To Complete The Project Will Be Awarded As The Most Interactive OC.


Most Eco-friendly Project of the Year:

Direction for the award: “The Most Sustainable Project Which Contributes To The Green Living Practices And Conserving Natural Resources Of The Environment Will Be Awarded As The Most Eco-Friendly Project Of The Year.

Aquatica wave 3

Most Innovative Project:

Direction for the award: “The Project Which Has Been Created On An Innovative Background Where The Ideas, The Strategies, The Execution Is Unique. This Project Which Stands Out From All The Other Projects In Terms Of Creativity, Innovation Will Be Awarded As The Most Innovative Project Of The Year.

Build Green

Best Financially Managed Project:

Direction for the award: “The Project Which Managed Its Cost Effectively, Earned A Noticeable Profit And Manage All Financial Aspects Effectively Will Be Awarded As The Best Financially Managed Project.”

Ceylon Comic Fest

Emerging Project of the Year:

Direction for the award: “The project which actively contributed to society in a meaningful and impactful way, by implementing creativity and innovation that leads to greater social impact and also the project which guided the club to construct solutions to a social problem will be recognized as the Emerging Project of the Year.


Most Adaptive Project of the Year:

Direction for the award: “This project is the project that adapted the most to the COVID-19 situation and the economic crisis, and was able to face the situation successfully by expanding the project areas and was able to contribute highly to society in making a difference.”

Scholastic Coach 2.0

Most Outstanding Project Report of the Year

Direction for the award: The project report clearly interprets the general overview of the respective project and it has to be prepared under the general reporting guidelines. This project report should be an eye-catcher as well as it should enable the reader to understand the main factors of the project without even joining it.

Gold Award – Scholastic Coach 2.0 by Rtr. Dinithi De Silva

Silver Award – Be Professionally Equipped 5.0 by Rtr. Devanga Kemini, Diviyata Diviyak 2.0 by Rtr. Chathuri Gunawardhana

Bronze Award – Zero Waste by Rtr. Dharshika Sugumaran

Most Creative Blog Article of the Year:

Direction for the award: “The article must creatively interpret the topic while making it precise to the reader and must cover the basic structure of a blog article. Any other creative work would also be considered for the award.”

Gold Award – Rtr. Inuri Hettiarachchi (All Horrors Eve, Say Hello-Ween)

Silver Award – Rtr. Sathmi Dinanja (Denzel Washington-The Silent Hero)

Bronze Award – Rtr. Gayanajalee De Silva (Mother, may I)

Avenue of the Year:

Direction for the award: “The Avenue Or The Committee Which Gave Their Maximum Contribution To The Club By Conducting Outstanding Projects And With The Active Participation Of The Avenue Members Throughout The Year Will Be Awarded As The Avenue Of The Year.

Professional development

Best Sponsorship Seeker:

Direction for the award: “The award recognizes an individual who has shown exceptional skills in securing sponsorships and forging mutually beneficial partnerships. Their ability to articulate our vision and engage with potential sponsors has been instrumental in supporting the club’s initiatives. This award celebrates their remarkable efforts in expanding the club’s network and securing vital resources.”

Rtr. Dinithi de Silva

Best Presenter:

Direction for the award: “The Best Presenter Award recognizes an exceptional individual whose captivating presentation skills left a lasting impact on the audience. With eloquence, charisma, and a profound ability to connect, this individual transformed complex ideas into engaging narratives. Their passion and delivery were truly remarkable, inspiring everyone present.”

Rtr. Malindu Jayasinghe

Best Compere:

Direction for the award: “The Best Compere award recognizes an individual who weaves words with finesse, igniting moments of laughter and emotion and has compered at most number of events in the club. Their magnetic presence, seamless transitions, and ability to connect with diverse crowds make them suitable for the award.

Rtr. Sathmi Dinanja

Best Graphic Designer:

Direction for the award: “A Talented Personality, Who Was Behind Artistic Graphic Designing Work Including Project Logo Designing, Poster Designing & Creative Flyer Making In Maximum Number Of Club Projects & Special Events Throughout The Term 2022/23.

Rtr. Nisal Dilmith

Best Video Editor:

Direction for the award: “A Talented Personality, Who Was Behind Artistic Video Editing Work Including Project Logo Reveals and Creative & Innovative Promotional Video Making In Maximum Number Of Club Projects & Special Events Throughout The Term 2022/23.

Rtr. Ashintha De Alwis

Best Team Player:

Direction for the award: “A Flexible, Reliable & Responsible Personality, Who Has Showed Genuine Commitment Towards Teamwork While Being Supportive And Friendly With Fellow Teammates. And A Rotaractor Who Communicated Ideas Honestly, Clearly And Respect The Views And Opinions Of Other Members. Young Personality Who Easily Adapts With Changing Situations And Come Up With Creative Ideas Will Be Awarded As The Best Team Player.

Rtr. Sanila Gamage

Most Outstanding Young Personality:

Direction for the award: “An Inspiring Personality, Who Guided The Team Towards Achieving Project Goals With Clear Vision And Commitment. Responsible Leader, Good Decision Maker & A Motivator Who Allowed Followers To Seek Excellence Will Be Awarded As The Best Leading Figure.

Rtr. Yezeed Yehiya

Most Outstanding Leading Figure:

Direction for the award: “A cheerful, creative & self-confident personality, who played a major role in representing RACUSJ in other club projects & districts events while giving maximum contribution for our very own club projects to uplift RACUSJ to greater heights throughout the term 2022/23.

Rtr. Thaha Mahmood

Rotaractor of the Year:

Direction for the award: “Rotaractor of the Year Award recognizes one individual for their maximum contribution and participation, demonstrated leadership and a lasting commitment throughout the year who helped the club to achieve greater heights.

Rtr. Nisal Dilmith

As each award category was announced, the room buzzed with anticipation and applause. The winners gracefully stepped onto the stage, where they were presented with beautiful cups and certificates. The ceremony created an unforgettable atmosphere of pride, achievement and gratitude. The evening ended with a wonderful dinner and a vibrant DJ party that provided a festive atmosphere for the celebrations.

The Splendour’23 Awards Ceremony of the Rotaract Club at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura was a true celebration of excellence, service and dedication. By recognizing the outstanding contributions of its members, the event demonstrated the club’s commitment to making a positive impact on society. Through environmental sustainability initiatives, community empowerment projects, educational programs and personal development opportunities, the Rotaract Club continues to create a ripple effect of positive change. Together we can build a better future for all.

Written by: Rtr. Malindi Nanayakkara & Rtr. Malithi Fernando

Graphic design by: Rtr. Malindi Nanayakkara


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