Triunfo 2.0

Mar 31, 2024 | Sports and Recreational Activities | 0 comments

The tennis rackets, the goalposts & the freshly trimmed grass –  All glimmering and shimmering at the sight of the bright morning sun, immediately managed to send the adrenaline through the roof and into the clouds, making the atmosphere of the university grounds, one filled with an infectious level of energy everyone soon began to catch! Thus began the event of the season, TRIUNFO 2.0!

Triunfo 2.0 was the continuation of the initial event Triunfo, which was held in September 2022. This event was an initiative by the Sports and Recreational Activities Avenue of the Rotaract Club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and allowing members to be physically fit while being involved in projects being one of the avenue’s main points of focus, it was evident that Triunfo was the perfect way to achieve this goal.

Following the objective of the preliminary event, Triunfo 2.0 also featured the need to allow all lovers of sports to gather around and engage with each other through sports without the complexities of rules standing as a barrier in their midst.

Triunfo 2.0 was advertised as an event with a series of mini-games based on the original sports; to elaborate, mini-games are derivations and combinations of original sports items that we all know and love. The event was advertised to many Rotaractors as well as non-rotaractors from various Rotaract clubs and other educational institutions as well. Triunfo 2.0 was arranged to be held on the 28th of September 2023, at the university grounds (USJ), and was scheduled to commence from 8.30 a.m. onwards. Once the rotaractors from the Rotaract clubs of University of Kelaniya, Cinnamon Gardens, SLIIT, IIT & University of Sri Jayewardenepura were registered as participants with the help of the organizing committee, the event was officially kicked off with the warm welcome speech by the project chairperson, Rtr. Leshan Muthuarachchi.

To begin the event with some high levels of energy, everyone was asked to step into the grounds for a mini Zumba session. The lively music made everyone get their bodies moving and smiles were seen on everyone’s faces at its end. Next, the participants were divided into teams based on the color of the ribbon wristband they received after registration, and participants were asked to deliver a name for their team which resulted In the following list of creative names: Hulk, Suzy, Diamond, Freeza & Komlos! 

The games began following that session, and the games organized were Rise, dash, catch, Foot Volleyball, Hockey Shooter, Cric tag, and Snatch & run. The mini-games were very interactive & entertaining, as was clearly seen through the expressions of the participants, as well as the OC, and the smiling faces throughout the game series brought a new kind of light and life to the university grounds in a wonderful way as well. After the exhilarating game series was concluded, participants were provided with lunch and some time to rest before the next segment of Triunfo was set to begin.

The formal evening session of Triunfo 2.0 was held as an indoor session, and it was kicked off with yet another item which filled the hall with laughter and applause at its end The paper king & queen dress-up session! The creativity of the participants was a fun sight to behold. Next, 2 of the most important dignitaries of the event, the chief guest and the guest speaker, respectively, Dr.Kaushal Manawadu & Mr.Srinath Udayachandran were warmly welcomed with much respect & gratitude by everyone present.

Afterward, the chief guest Dr.Kaushal Manawadu, who is a national swimmer and is a lecturer in Sports Science in USJ,  was invited to the stage to address the audience, and what followed was a very inspiring speech which captivated the audience and undoubtedly inspired them to strive for a higher level in sports & all else. Next was the open mic session which filled the hall with joy as many volunteers came up to the stage and displayed their beautiful voices, adding a beautiful, light-hearted element to the evening. Succeeding this session was the address by the guest speaker, Mr. Srinath Udayachandran- The president of the sports council of USJ. The speech was very insightful & was extremely useful for everyone present to learn how to navigate studies and extra-curriculars. Subsequently, the respectable chief guest and guest speaker were awarded with tokens of appreciation to show our immense gratitude for their presence & contribution. Up next was the most awaited moment by the attendees; the moment to announce the winners! Amidst the excited murmur, the winners were announced in the order of 3rd to 1st place, respectively, team ….., team ……… & team ………! Once team Freeza was awarded their reward, the time had come to conclude the day, and the secretary of the project, Rtr. Hiruni Dissanayake presented the vote of thanks, formally concluding the meeting. After a group photo was captured to mark the memories, everyone delightfully parted ways amidst lively music & conversation. 

Triunfo 2.0 was a remarkable achievement for the SRA of RACUSJ, and it was an exhilarating day for all who participated. The support and contribution of all who were involved were crucial in delivering the event to a tee. 

Triunfo 2.0’s alignment to bring sport together with people and help people to truly get in touch with physical activity was achieved, and it reminded everyone of how incredibly important sports are; not only for enjoyment, but also to teach us about discipline, teamwork & responsibility. 

“Sports are always joyous. Sports with the right crowd is peak exhilaration! “

Here’s to marking the conclusion of Triunfo 2.0!

Written by: Rtr. Sandali Mendis

Graphic design by: Rtr. Akila Weerasuriya


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