Movie Review – “Midsommar (2019)”

May 24, 2024 | Backstage | 0 comments

Midsommar, released in 2019, is a folk horror masterpiece penned and helmed by Ari Aster. Featuring standout performances by Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor, the film follows the journey of a troubled American couple and their friends as they venture to rural Sweden for a midsummer celebration. However, their picturesque trip takes a “chilling” turn when they encounter a cult, deeply entrenched in Scandinavian paganism.

Florence Pugh delivers a tour de force portrayal of Dani, capturing the character’s complex emotional journey with raw authenticity while the supporting actors did justice to their roles as well.

The main thing that stands out in this film is the “too good for a horror movie cinematography” thanks to Pawel Pogorzelski’s work which is nothing short of breathtaking. The film’s bright, sun-drenched setting is juxtaposed with moments of darkness and dread, resulting in a visually stunning contrast that captures the audience’s attention from start to finish. Certain scenes, such as the Maypole dance and the ritualistic ceremonies, are shot with meticulous precision, immersing viewers in the eerie beauty of the cult’s world.

It’d be unfair of me to ignore the production design, which is equally impressive as the cinematography, with every detail meticulously crafted to enhance the film’s themes and atmosphere from elaborate costumes to the intricate set designs, making every aspect of the film feel purposeful and immersive.

The film leaves you with a sense of fear which in turn wouldn’t leave you for a day and while I write this, I’ve just kicked Sweden off my bucket-list, and I bet you’d do the same.

In conclusion, “Midsommar” pushes the boundaries of its genre, with no old school “jump-scares” and “ghost makeup”, breaking all the norms of the traditional horror filmmaking style, giving off a hauntingly beautiful cinematic experience.

Written by: Rtr. Zainy Hassan Ziya


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