Monthly Gathering: February

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”We had each other. That’s how we won.” 

-Lando Calrissian

The monthly gathering for the month of February of the Rotaract Club in University of Sri Jayewardenepura was held on the 29th of February from 7.30 p.m. onwards via Google Meets. This time the theme of the February gathering was one of the most famous franchises in the world, ‘Star Wars’. The gathering was organized by the Finance Committee with the coordination of committee directors, Rtr. Savindu Wijetilleke, Mayashi Manodya and the Assistant directors, Rtr. SadiniSilva and Rtr. Rusandi Wickramarathne. Due to an unavoidable non academic strike at the university the monthly gathering for the month of February was held via online. 

The meeting started by singing the national anthem and the Rotaract song. Rtr. Savindu Wijetilleke, Finance Committee Co-Director, presented the Rotaract formalities. Afterwards the president, Rtr. Yezeed Yehiya addressed the gathering. In his speech he especially highlighted the journey that the club has come so far and the improvements and implications to do within the next months before the term ends. And he motivated the members to grab the opportunities come on their way and give the maximum effort to make the club shine and proud. Next the secretary Rtr. Dinithi De Silva presented the minutes of the January Monthly Gathering. A director from each avenue gave announcements from the relevant avenue. After the avenue announcements, the Rotaractor of the month of January was announced. The Assistant Director of the Professional Development Avenue, Rtr. Nithara Dias, was recognized as the Rotaractor of the month of January. Everyone in the gathering congratulated her on her achievement. 

Next, the gaming session started, and all the participants joined with the online Star Wars game created by the Finance Committee especially for the monthly gathering. First the participants were divided in to two battle groups called, ‘Jedi Knights’ and ‘Sith Lords’. Each of the member in the group was considered as a soldier who is going to battle with the opposite team. Rtr. Savindu and Rtr. Mayashi randomly selected each soldier in each group and let them to select a number on the screen. Each number had a question related with the solar system as well as with ‘Star wars’ franchise and in addition the number of soldiers the member can earn to the respective battle team by giving the correct answer. 

The game went really well and everyone enjoyed with the quiz and was curious with the soldiers they could earn after every question. After 14 questions the battle was ended and the team ‘Jedi Knights’ won the battle with having the highest number of soldiers at the end. Before ending the meeting the public relations committee gave some additional announcements regarding their key initiative ‘Someone’s Daughter’ and the walk they have organized ‘Walk 4 Her’ on the 10th of March and invited all the participants to take part in the walk. 

As the organizers of the monthly gathering for the month of February, what we needed to deliver to the membership in RACUSJ with the theme ‘Star Wars’ was, the importance of working as a team to obtain the goal established. As RACUSJ mainly focused on delivering a social value to the community and each and every avenue complete their projects through organizing committees, the communication, synergy between different functions, leadership, commitment and team spirit are essential to obtain the goals. After having a fruitful meeting with full of energy and engagement the meeting was successfully ended by taking a group photo. The participation was around 55 members including the Executive board, Borad of Directors and the members of the club.  

Written by: Rtr. Mayashi Manodya

Graphic design by: Rtr. Mayashi Manodya


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