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SPENOFIN is a new initiative by the Finance Committee of the Rotaract Club in University of Sri Jayewardenepura to enhance the soft skills of the membership such as their pitching skills, negotiation skills in order to raise corporate partners for RACUSJ projects. By this initiative the committee was able to achieve two sustainable development goals; Quality Education and Partnerships for goals. 

SPENOFIN was a project run through the entire term by providing Finance Team training sessions for organizing committees and ended up with establishing a Finance Task Force team for the club and raising 20+ corporate partners for the event ‘Biz Icon’ which is scheduled to be held at the beginning of the next RI year. 

Starting from the month of June 2023, the Finance Committee Directors Rtr. Savindu Wijetilleke and Rtr. Mayashi Manodya began doing a series of Finance Team training for each Organizing Committee of RACUSJ projects especially, the projects that have the potential to raise corporate partners. 

Going on a monthly basis, in June, July, August, September, October, and December 6 training was done, and were able to raise 20+ corporate partners; both monetary and non-monetary for the projects. In February the Finance Committee took the next step to continue the Finance Team training process for the next RI year by creating a space for the interested Rotaractors to join with the Finance Task Force team of the club. Two interviews were done (Written and verbal one) to select 15 extraordinary individuals who are enthusiastic about developing their soft skills while building up a corporate network. In the present context, the Finance Team is contributing to raising in-kind sponsors for projects to make those initiatives a success. 

As SPENOFIN focused on building up the soft skills of the Rotaractors in USJ, the project was an encouragement for many members and assistant directors, to take their next step in their Rotaract journey by applying for Executive Board and the Board of Directors and for the Assistant Director positions. 

Feedback from the beneficiaries: https://cutt.ly/JetQi1BP 

Through SPENOFIN, it was a requirement to organize an event to enhance the club financiers while making sure the club is running with necessary cash levels. The event ‘Biz Icon’ was created as an initiative for that getting the involvement of 20+ corporate partners (Both monetary and non-monetary) which will be held at the beginning of the next RI year. 

By going on a glimpse of the risen partners for the Finance Committee projects within RI term 23.24, here is a lineup of the beginning. 

CA Sri Lanka, Cactus Heaven for project FINSIGHT 4.0, Online Accounting.lk for ITEX’ 24, Vision Care, Janet Sri Lanka for Memorable December 4.0, Lap.lk for Respawn 4.0 and Bhasha (PVT) LTD – Helakuru, Corporate Wisdom (PVT) LTD, CFA Society Sri Lanka, Inspire Business School, Aspire College, Good PR, Lakehouse newspaper, Mihira Newspaper YouTube channel, Coca Cola Beverage Lanka, Promate, Emma Gifts, Popeyes, E-Butterfly gifting, Studyway.lk, SisuTharuwa (PVT) LTD, E-Learning.lk, CBL Samaposha, Japura Flames, Online Accounting.lk, and for event Biz Icon the event which will be held at the beginning of the RI Year 24.25.

We would like to thank every member who put an effort into raising corporate partners, regardless of the rejections they faced. We are looking forward to seeing more wonders from the next generation of RACUSJ, in making the club financially stable while developing their soft skills during their university life. 

Written by: Rtr. Saumya Dulangi

Graphic design by: Rtr. Dilushika Probodhini


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